Janet Stewart

The resume is in two parts, Scientific activities first, and activities in Mental Health second.

My scientific background, experience, and communications are at the top.

Mental Health: Employment, publications, presentations, etc. in the area of mental health research, teaching, and care follow.

Native English speaker. French and Spanish spoken and written at an advanced level.



Scientific Editor                                                                                                        2018-present


Proofread and edit manuscripts submitted for publication
in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Science Writer                                                                                                            2016-2019
BioNews Services
Write articles for patients and caregivers about progress in biomedical and clinical research on human diseases and their treatments.

Scientific editor in Molecular and Cell Biology                                    2016-2018
Cactus Communications
Proofread and edit manuscripts submitted for publication
in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Science Writer
Research Institute – McGill University Health Centre                         2017- 2018
ChildBright Project funded by CIHR’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research Program
Edited the storyboard and wrote video scripts for the iReady phone app.It is conceived to prepare youths with brain-born disorders to navigate the adult healthcare system.


Scientific editor and writer                                                                                 1997-2003

Performed proofreading and editing of manuscripts relating to the life sciences published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including PNAS and Cell. Clients were academic researchers at Harvard, Yale, and universities
in the US, Europe, and Japan (Please see Sample of Publications Edited section);

Edited company catalogues, business plans, Web pages, advertising, technical
manuals, experimental protocols, and specification sheets for biotechnology firms (Quantum Biotechnologies, CGF Pharmatech, Biovet);

Contributed regularly to ISPOR News published by the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research;

Contributed regularly to the Colgate Oral Care Report. In addition to my written contributions, it involved preparing educational material for the Professional Continuing Education Program at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine;

Edited or wrote successful grant applications and review articles in the
areas of cancer research, bacteriology, virology, vaccine research, and
biotechnology (American Association for Cancer Research, US Department
of Defense, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation).

Virologist                                                                                                                        1985-1988
Ministry of Health, Nicaragua
Activities: Adviser at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Hygiene, the national reference laboratory;
Collaborated in the writing of applications for funding from UNICEF, PAHO,
and TDR, funded for a total of roughly 550,000.00 USD;
Collaborated on epidemiological studies on viral vaccine coverage and the
distribution of Leishmania spp;
Equipped the national virology laboratory and trained its personnel;
Wrote educational materials about HIV for healthcare personnel;
Devised national guidelines for the handling and transport of blood specimens;
Designed and taught the course “Viruses in the Environment” for environmental engineering students.


Doctoral studies: successful completion of oral examination, course work, and two years’ experimental work as a student in the
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
McGill University
Supervisor: Dr. J.P. Antel
Research topic: Cytokine expression in human glial cells

M.Sc. Virology and Immunology                                                                                     1992
Institut Armand-Frappier
Laval, Québec, Canada
Supervisor: Dr. Pierre Talbot
Thesis topic: Human coronavirus nucleic acid detection in human CNS specimens

B.Sc. Microbiology and Immunology                                                                           1983
McGill University

B.A. History                                                                                                                                        1980
Concordia University, Montreal


Principles of Inferential Statistics in Medicine                                                           1992
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
McGill University

Selected Topics in Biotechnology                                                                                    1989
Biotechnology Minor Program
McGill University

Medical Virology                                                                                                                       1983
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Faculty of Medicine
University of Montreal


McLaurin, J., D’Souza, S., Stewart, J., Blain, M., Beaudet, J. Nalbantoglu and J. Antel. (1995) “Effect of Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha and beta on Human Oligodendrocytes and Neurons in Culture.” Int. J. Devel. Neurosci. 13(3/4): 369-81.

Talbot, P., Ékandé, S., Cashman, N., Mounir, S., Stewart, J. (1993) “Neurotropism of human coronavirus 229E.” Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. 342: 339-46.

Stewart, J., Mounir, S., Talbot, P. (1993) “The detection of coronavirus by PCR.” In G. Darai & Y. Becker (Eds.), Diagnosis of Human Viruses by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Technology (pp. 241-247) Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.

Jouvenne, P., Mounir, S., Stewart, J., Talbot., P. (1992) “Sequence analysis of human coronavirus 229E mRNA 4 and 5: Evidence for polymorphism and homology with myelin basic protein.” Virus Res. 22: 125-141.

Stewart, J. (1992) The detection of the nucleic acid of human coronaviruses in tissue specimens using the reverse-transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (Master of Science thesis, Institut-Armand-Frappier, Montreal, Canada).

Stewart, J., Mounir, S., Talbot, P. (1992) “Human coronavirus gene expression in the brains of multiple sclerosis patients.” Virology 191: 502-505. 




Talbot, P.J. Ékandé, S. Cashman, N.R. Mounir, S. Stewart, J.N., “Neurotropism of Human Coronavirus 229E,” 5ième symposium international sur les coronavirus, 1992, Chantilly, France.

Talbot, P.J. Mounir, S. Stewart, J.N., “Human coronavirus gene expression in the central nervous system of multiple sclerosis patients,” 11th Meeting of the American Society for Virology, 1992, New York, United States.

Stewart, J.N. Mounir, S. Talbot, P.J., “Detection of human coronavirus RNA after amplification with the polymerase chain reaction: application to human tissues,” 41st Annual Canadian Society of Microbiology Meeting, 1992, Guelph, Ontario, Canada


Institut Armand-Frappier, 1990

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, 1993


AWARD: Champion of Mental Health 2020

Community Individual

Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health


Instructor                                                                                                                        2020

Quebec Peer Support Worker Certification training by Pairs Aidants Réseau

Group Facilitator                                                                                                         2018-present

Recovery Transition Program, Allan Memorial Institute, McGill University Health Centre

Activities: Facilitation of dialogue group for service users with psychotic disorders;

Conception, co-design, and facilitation of peer-run, strengths-based workshop “Self-Management and Recovery Training” (RTP-SMART). (2020)

Research Coordinator          2011-present                                                                       
School of Physical and Occupational Therapy
McGill University
Activities: Coordination and design of participatory research projects;

Write, proofread, edit, and/or collaborate on manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals and on successful grant proposals  on an as needed basis;
Wrote informed consent documentation and submissions to IRBs of hospitals
participating in research studies;
Coordinated implementation of research protocols, manage data collection and interpretation, which includes explaining informed consent forms and research projects to patients and conducting patient interviews;
Located and secured the commitment of a range of partners, across community-based, governmental, and academic groups for a knowledge synthesis grant.

Principal Knowledge User (2014-16) and Co-Investigator (2019-2020) on Participatory Action Research projects funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.

Mental Health Worker (Paire-aidante)                                                     2014-2016
Équipe SI-PACT (équipe SIM : Assertive Community Treatment Team)
CIUSSS du centre-ouest de l’Île de Montréal
Activities: Home and community visits to users of mental health services
Participated in team daily and weekly meetings
Manning patient call-in line
Preparing “Notes d’évolution” on interventions with service users

Lecturer                                                                                                                            2012-present
School of Physical and Occupational Therapy
McGill University

Course: Theories of Psychosocial Practice in Occupational Therapy,
OCC1 618
Lecture: “The CHIME model of recovery in mental health”

Course: Community-based Occupational Therapy, OCC1 622
Lecture: “Peer Support and Assertive Community Treatment teams (PACT)”
April, 2012; March, 2013, March, 2014, April 2015.


Cross-training workshops, Institut universitaire en santé mentale Douglas

Itinérance et santé mentale: Comment intervenir?                              April 9, 2013
Personality disorders and substance abuse in youths.                       Nov. 10, 2013

Diplôme de formation québecoise spécialisée en intervention      2011
par les pairs.
Université de Laval, Québec, in collaboration with Pairs Aidants Réseau.


Janet Stewart (ongoing) Blog: “Biomedical Research on Schizophrenia.”

Janet Stewart (2019) “The ghettoization of persons with severe mental illnesses.” Mental Health and Social Inclusion 23(1): 53-57.

Park, M., Stewart, J. (in press) “Reflections on occupational justice and social inclusion in mental health.” In Kantartzis, S., Pollard, N., & VanBruggen, H. (Eds.), Manifesto for Occupation.

Park, M., Zafran, H., Stewart, J., Salsberg, J., Ells, C., Rouleau, S., Estein, O., Valente, T.  (2014) “Transforming mental health services: a participatory mixed methods study to promote and evaluate the implementation of recovery-oriented services.” Implement. Sci. 9: 119.

Schwartz, R., Estein, O., Komaroff, J., Lamb, J., Myers, M., Stewart, J., Vacaflor, L., Park, M. (2013) “Mental Health Consumers and Providers Dialogue in an Institutional Setting : A Participatory Approach to Promoting Recovery-Oriented Care.” Psychiatr. Rehabil. J. 36(2): 113-115.


Janet Stewart (2020) “My Uncle, Me, and Psychosis.” Montréal Writes, January 2020.

Janet Stewart (2019) “Winding my way up the mountain.” The Waiting Room: RTPublication Fourth Edition, Spring, 2019. 11-14.

Janet Stewart (2018) “Picking Up the Pieces.” Schizophr Bull



Charky, R., Ross, R., Stewart, J., and Gill, K. “Recovery Transition Program Update: Program Evaluation and New Directions. Introducing the RAP and SMART groups.” Presentation to OPD Rounds. October 22, 2019. Allan Memorial Institute, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Canada.

Park, M., Roy, L., Vallée, C., Stewart, J. “What is just? Continuing the dialogue around occupational justice,” Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists National Conference, June 21-24, 2017, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CA.

Park, M. and Stewart, J. “The unwitting (re)production of occupational ghettos: Reflections on embodiment, (mis)recognition, social (in)justice for persons with lived experience of mental illness, Canadian Society of Occupational Science and Society for the Study of Occupation: USA Joint Conference, September, 2016, Portland, Maine, US.

Janet Stewart, “The CHIME model of recovery,” Grand Rounds, Department of Psychiatry, Jewish General Hospital, 2014, Montreal, Quebec, CA.

Janet Stewart, “Living with the negative symptoms of schizophrenia,” Schizophrenia Tertiary Services retreat, MUHC Allan Memorial Institute, 2014, Montreal, Quebec, CA.

Janet Stewart, “Creating Hope: Recovery Stories of People with Mental Health Challenges,” Tenth International Conference of the European Network for Mental Health Service Evaluation, 2013, Verona, Italy.

Janet Stewart, “Testimonial of a person with lived experience of mental illness. Recovery : What Helps? What Hinders?” Workshop at the Wellington Centre, Douglas Institute and Hospital. January 22, 2013, Montreal, Quebec, CA.

Annie Bossé and Janet Stewart, “Faire du rétablissement une réalité,” 16ième Colloque de l’Association québécoise pour la réadaptation psychosociale, 2013, Ville de Québec, Quebec, CA.

Orly Estein, Melissa Myers, Janet Stewart, Melissa Park, Julie Anne Pattee, Luis Vacaflor, Ronna Schwartz, “Hearing Voices: New Directions in Patient-Provider Dialogue,” Grand Rounds, Allan Memorial Institute and Hospital, 2012, Montreal, Quebec, CA.

Melissa Myers, Melissa Park and Janet Stewart, “A participatory approach in an Edith Strauss Knowledge Translation Grant: Cultivating values-based practice in psychiatric rehabilitation,” Canadian Association of Occupational Therapy Conference, June 8, 2012, Quebec, Quebec, CA.

Melissa Myers, Philippe Perras and Janet Stewart,  “Mental Health Wellness Centre: confronting metabolic syndrome in the mental health population,” McGill Faculty of Medicine Thursday Learning Series, October 27, 2011, Montreal, Quebec, CA.

Melissa Myers, Philippe Perras, Line Riendeau, Ronna Schwartz and Janet Stewart, “MUHC Mental Health Wellness Centre: Weighing in on the results,” McGill University Health Centre Out-Patient Department Rounds, March 8, 2011, Montreal, Quebec, CA


Moreno, M., Moriano, J. (in press) “User involvement in the implementation of clinical guidelines for common mental health disorders: a review and compilation of strategies and resources.” Health Res. Policy and Syst. 14:61


McGill School of Physical and Occupational Therapy MD/PhD candidate Ms. Jiameng Xu, 2016-2019.


Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Internet Explorer, Safari, Zotero, Endnote, PubMed, Word Press


 Communauté de pratique pour le rétablissement et la pleine citoyenneté    

Participant.                                                                                                                     2013-2015 

 Association des Pairs Aidants du Québec                                                    2012-2014 

(Quebec Association of Peer Support Workers)

Secretary, Board of Directors

Carrefour communautaire institutionnel usager (CCIU)                     2012-2014 

Canadian Mental Health Association. Participant in monthly discussion meetings on topics related to mental health

MUHC Mental Health Wellness Centre                                                        2010-2013 

Provided peer support during 10-week courses on physical health (nutrition and exercise) for persons with severe mental illness at risk for Metabolic Syndrome; Facilitated group discussions; Member of the Centre’s steering committee.

Centre de Femmes de Verdun                                                                           2005-2007

Member of the committee « Les femmes de cœur » that worked on topics of importance to the community such as sexual abuse and security; Mediated a workshop on poverty.